The Global Market

The Global Recruitment Market

The pace and ever changing work patterns and roles across the world has increased dramatically over the last decade. Roles have moved into many new formats requiring different skill sets and changes in the way both employers and candidates think.

Current employment routes are moving rapidly with job erosion, work patterns, and new skill requirements providing new and radical adjustment in how and where candidates will find work.

Today the origin for job hunting is largely dominated the 260,000+ recruitment and employment agencies globally, Job boards such as Indeed, Zip-recruiter and Linkedin and/-or referrals from friends or colleagues. The time for change and disruption is ripe.

The potential for huge shortages in the skills required – primarily driven by 80% of jobs over the next decade do not yet exist – and gig economy thinking will require constant and immediate engagement in the recruitment voice and people’s careers.Recruitment will be current, newsworthy and topical for the many more people today, especially as you may have more than one job, job losses are more frequent and/or have to re-skill on a regular basis to compete. World population and sustainability adds to this uncertainty with many people left frustrated or work in a role that is not suited to their needs.

Career wallet will continually engage becoming your daily go-to information and job hunting, news and learning platform.


Employers have multiple challenges they will face – some new – and some that will always exist. Frustrations for employers include

  • 95% Of recruiters claim a poor quality of applicants from existing routes
  • A third of applicants don’t turn up for the interview
  • Half of successful applicants then withdraw
  • Worldwide skills shortage
  • 85% Of jobs that will exist in 2030 have not been invented yet
  • The gap between manual and technology erodes the current labour landscape
  • Population size and demographic
  • Ability to focus and engage in a diverse skills and labour market.

Job Seekers

Career Wallet primarily focuses on the candidate and addresses

  • Job seekers can build their profile and Career DNA in one place and apply for relevant job matches
  • Job seekers who are not successful can use reward and self-development options
  • Frustration of no feedback after applying
  • If not successful in the application it will recognise other skills that can be built upon
  • That a career is not for life with technology changing the landscape much faster
  • Multiple job hunting opportunities and frameworks
  • Building a trusted environment with all the building blocks for owning your career
  • Engaging more regularly with relevant news, emails, and social outlets
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