At Careerwallet we have a range of services that offer both the candidate and employer a better experience which increases engagement and longevity whilst using the websites in the portfolio.

Employer Services

  • Promotion of jobs and brand
  • Search and priority access
  • Geo and skill set targeting
  • Data Match – Cleansing and Activation
  • Broadcasting and Campaign Management


The wallet allows the user to build and appreciate a true picture of their psychology self and enable the user to choose and control which elements of their wallet they wish to pursue and develop.

It is more than a resume, it presents a true picture of what you wish to include in presenting your application to work. Tools are developed to improve your self-knowledge and unchartered career knowledge

Candidate Services

  • Job Hunting
  • Lifestyle and Coaching
  • Tests and Assessments
  • News attributable to your age, career stage, and expectations
  • Loyalty Programmes
  • Gamification and Reward activity towards your career
  • Social Management
  • Virtual training
  • Behavioural Profiling
  • Skills, Qualifications, Achievements library,