Job Board Software

The Career Wallet offers a white label version of our core job board technology, a complete solution that fits the needs of both small and large enterprises.

Our job board software has been built using the experience of seasoned job board professionals combined with leading software development providing the advantage of a crossover solution offering both a job board and aggregator solution enabling various revenue generation capabilities.

Custom development and further technical solutions are deployed by an in-house team of dedicated developers and project managers and are able to meet any needs of publishers small and large, new or established.

Our team is on hand to offer any consultancy on market launch, marketing / candidate attraction and revenue generation models based on one of the most extensive and knowledgably management team in the job board and recruitment industries.

White Label Jobs By Email

Our Career Wallet Email suite allows companies of all sizes such as recruitment agencies, advertising agencies, flat free recruiters and Recruitment Process Outsourcing companies to engage with any registered job seeker. Our simple yet effective system allows companies to match their own jobs and/or by using the Career Wallet external jobs inventory and content. This helps their own job seeker community retaining brand recognition by informing potential job matches, earn potential revenue via the Career Wallet (Data Monetisation) product and gather live intelligence via the TheCareerWallet data insight product.

Our Jobs By Email solution is easy to set up and can start delivering content and start earning revenue in under 1 hour.

Data Monetization

Companies and organisations spend significant resource and capital in building a qualified database. In a number of industries such as recruitment, employment, news and information that database could have been built over many years and at great cost. At any time the value of engagement and monetisation of that database is estimated to be at less than 1% meaning that the other 99% of the database is not offering any ROI to the business.

The Career Wallet data monetization offers solutions via both White Label Jobs Board and/or our White label Jobs By Email. This allows companies who are sat on valuable data to realise both a revenue generation and activation of historical user model. Further features allow cleansing and updating of any data along with enhancement based on user activity.

All our products use the latest in both machine learning and AI to deliver ongoing and fully optimised activation and engagement solutions.

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